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Senate Bill 489

Senate Bill 489 UPDATE

SB 489 passed the Senate on 5/13 with a 32 to 5 vote.  It has been assigned to the Committee on Commerce with it’s first hearing on 5/20 at 10am.

After conversation with Joe Mapes, our Lobbyist and other stakeholders, we believe the best that can happen at present is for this bill to be turned into a study to allow the stakeholders to have a chance to review.

Here are the key points we need to share with the Representatives.  Remembering to keep the tone positive and stay out of the negative weeds of the bill.  Remember we are not against reform but would like time to study the issues and work with the State Fire Marshal’s Office on the best solutions.

#1. The reform issues addressed in SB 489 are extensive and very complex.  The Life Safety and Property Protection industry of our state is not opposed to reform, but contrary to anything you may have heard, we have had absolutely no input on any part of this process. 

#2.  We have for decades been at the forefront working positively and cooperatively with the Office of State Fire Marshal when change was needed. 

#3.  We respectfully request time to study the issues and the impact that SB 489 will have on our industry, the primary focus of which is the life safety and property protection of the residents of our state.   

                                  Re-engrossed Version

May 1, 2024, Jefferson Parish, LA Resolution #144135:

The Jefferson Parish Legislative Delegation opposes Senate Bill No. 489 of the 2024 Regular Session, which would shift existing power and responsibilities of the Office of the State Fire Marshal to local fire prevention bureaus and local governments. (Parish wide)

Completed Minutes of Meeting – This resolution is in Section 23

What Can You Do?

                                                      Form Letter for House of Representative

  1. Reach out to the Chairperson Daryl Deshotel and ask him to turn this bill into a study to give us time to review.
  2. Reach out to YOUR Representative in YOUR District.
  3. Reach out to other Representatives you may have a relationship with.
  4. Reach out to the Representatives in areas where you do work.
  5. Be at the House to put in your RED CARD for opposition and if you’re able to speak against this bill – Speak Loudly.
  6. Keep it positive and not down in the weeds of the details – we are not against reform: we just want to be included in the conversation which we have not been allowed to do.

Our Lobbyist – Joe Mapes of Mapes and Mapes is fighting this, but he says we should “definitely write the letter to the Representative and ask them to not only vote against this bill but turn it into a study to give us time to review and give input.  Also, follow the letter up with phone calls, emails, and texts to the Representatives asking them for the change to be part of the discussion that will reform our industry. 

We have provided a form letter you can snail mail and email to the Representatives. We have also provided the phone number for the Senators and their emails for you to use when following Joe’s advice.

Delisha Boyd – District 102 – 504-223-3077 –

Kim Carver – District 89 – 985-629-1412 –

Vincent E. Cox III – District 85 – 504-361-6013 –

Paula Davis – District 69 – 225-362-5301 –

Phillip Devillier – District 41 – 337-457-0194 –

Daryl Andrew Deshotel – District 28 – 318-253-8891 –

Jessica Domangue – District 53 – 985-858-2970 –

Kyle Green Jr. – District 83 – 504-349-8788 –

Troy Jude Hebert – District 31 – 337-347-7077 –

Stephanie Hilferty – District 94 – 504-885-4154 –

Mike Johnson – District 27 – 318-487-5377 –

Edmond Jordan – District 29 – 225-925-3700 –

Alonzo Knox – District 93 – 504-568-3101 –

Jacob Gabriel Landry – District 49 – 337-361-0631 –

Danny McCormick – District 1 – 318-995-8040 –

Dixon Wallace McMakin – District 68 – 225-384-0468 –

Shaun Raphael Mena – District 23 – 504-396-4105 –

Candace Newell – District 99 – 504-240-3435 –

Neil Riser – District 20 – 318-649-0977 –

Vincent St. Blanc III – District 50 – 337-828-7778 –

Polly Thomas – District 80 – 504-837-6559 –

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