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Main Memberships

  • Regular Membership
    $250 Membership + $190 Lobbyist Assessment = $440
    Regular Membership is open to any business entity which provides installation and repair and/or monitoring of burglar alarms, fire alarms, or other electronic security systems which are consistent with the stated objectives of the association. Entity must also have applied or be in good standing with the LBFAA.
  • National Company Membership
    $250 Membership + $190 Lobbyist Assessment = $440
    National Companies are companies with two or more branches in 15 states. This is a voting membership. Each National Company Member location that becomes a LLSSA member is allowed one vote.
  • Related Industry Membership
    $150 Membership + $190 Lobbyist Assessment = $340
    Related Industry Membership shall be open to any business entity engaged in providing to the public design, installation, or servicing of systems or devices that are related to the security or fire alarm industry. Members are allowed one vote.
  • Associate Membership
    $150 Membership + $190 Voluntary Lobbyist Assessment = $340
    For individuals or business entities that are engaged in manufacturing, distributing, supplying, dealing in or selling products or services, other than monitoring services, generally used and relating to and necessary to the Regular Members of the Association. This is a voting membership.

Other Memberships

  • Affiliate Membership
    For Individuals or business entities that do not otherwise qualify for membership under any other membership category, but have the capability of contributing significant value or expertise to the electronic security industry, or provide design, installation, service or monitoring of electronic security systems for its own use and not to either the general public or to alarm dealers.
  • Allumni Membership
    Conferred by the LLSSA and ESA Board of Directors on an individual who wishes to continue membership, but who is no longer associated with the electronic security industry. To qualify an individual must have previously served as a designated representative of a Regular Member. This is a non-voting membership.
  • Public Safety Membership
    For individual of police or fire departments of any governmental organization or any governmental agency concerned with law enforcement of fire safety. This is a non-voting membership.

Membership fees and lobbyist assessment fees are invoiced annually after initial payment.