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Update: 8/26/2020

Good Morning, 

We have had two sessions so far this year. The first session was 28 days instead of the normal 85, due to the pandemic. During that session we worked very closely with the Fire Marshal’s Office and staff to pass legislation to tighten up laws regarding electricians working with 49 volts or less.

This very important piece of legislation was a long time coming, and it was great to work with Butch, Erin, and Bill to finally get something like this on the books.

The second session was a special session with a limited call that did not cover any items related to the security industry. There is rumor of a third session in October 2020, but we will see.

Regardless, Team Mapes is at the Capital everyday that the legislators are there, even during the quarantine, when legislators deemed themselves an essential service. We deemed ourselves such as well.

– Dera DeRoche-Jolet, President