HB607 Signed by the Governor as ACT 385

Louisiana House Bill 670 (HB 607) was signed by the governor as ACT 385.   This bill provided for changes that directly affect locksmith licensing.

HB 607 was introduced to create additional licensing categories for locksmith under Life Safety and Property Protection.

Key Provisions of HB 607, Now ACT 385

  1. This law adds that automotive locks are included in property protection systems and equipment.
  2. The law adds additional definitions for “automotive locksmith endorsement”, “automotive locksmith technician”, “limited conveyance device mechanic endorsement”, “limited conveyance device mechanic”, “limited locksmith endorsement”, “limited locksmith technician”, “limited security endorsement”, and “limited security technician”.
  3. The law allows the Board of Dentistry to require an applicant to complete an initial clinical licensure examination.
  4. The law allows a board to require adds licensing fees for firms for limited locksmith, automotive locksmith, and limited security. It also adds licensing fees for employees for limited locksmith, automotive locksmith, limited locksmith, limited security, and limited conveyance device mechanic.
  5. The law will be effective January 1, 2025.

Louisiana HB 607 represents a significant step forward in ensuring public safety and enhancing the standards of the life safety and property protection industry. These additional categories will provide for the licensing of additional locksmith in the state and create peace of mind for those using their services. 

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