New False Alarm Chairperson

We are very excited to welcome Kevin Rocha as the False Alarm Chairperson for the LLSSA.  Kevin was appointed at the April board meeting.  Kevin works for Louisiana Special Systems and know the difficulty that we can face working with AHJ’s and will work with the LLSSA and industry stakeholders to drive positive change and enhance life safety measures in our communities.

Kevin told us, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of an organization that is dedicated to advancing standards and fostering collaboration among industry professionals. I am eager to leverage the resources and expertise LLSSA offers to make a meaningful impact in addressing false alarms on security and fire systems across Louisiana.”
Kevin will be at the Dealer Conference in Natchitoches next month, so do be sure to shake his hand and welcome him to the Board.  Also, let him know of the concerns in your region so that he can begin to build his knowledge base and start to set a plan of action.  Most importantly if you have a passion for False Alarms and how to eliminate them, join his committee.  He will need people in every region to work together to get the word out and bring the information in.  
You can reach Kevin at 337-351-8862 or at email

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