Understanding Louisiana State Fire Marshal Memorandum 2019-01

In March 2019, the Louisiana State Fire Marshal issued Memorandum 2019-01, a directive aimed at enhancing fire safety measures across the state. This memorandum outlines crucial guidelines and regulations for various establishments, ensuring compliance and safeguarding against fire hazards. Understanding its provisions is essential for businesses, organizations, and individuals to prioritize fire safety and prevent potential disasters.

Key Provisions of Memorandum 2019-01:


1. Special locking Systems: The memorandum identifies the types of specialized locking systems as defined by the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code.  It also clarifies their use in required settings.

2. Electric Strikes and Latch Retracting Door Hardware: Interior Doors are required to be submitted to the SFMO for review prior to installation.  We bring this to your attention because this Memorandum does replace IM 2009-03 which stated otherwise.


3. Instructions for Plan Submittal for Special Locking Arrangements: The memorandum lists the information required for these types of submittals. Adhering to the list can make the process easier and faster for all parties involved.


Memorandum 2019-01 aligns with broader efforts to enhance fire safety standards and regulations at the state and national levels. By setting clear guidelines and expectations, it empowers stakeholders to take proactive measures to prevent fires and minimize their impact on communities.

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