State Fire Marshal’s Memorandum 1-2024

At this month’s state meeting in Baton Rouge, Erin St. Pierre, Deputy Chief of the Special Services and Support division of the State Fire Marshal’s Office was present. She took the time to speak on the recent Licensing Memorandum 1-2024 released on February 21,2024 to all life safety and property protection contractors. 


The Memorandum clarifies some of the classes approved as in-person courses only provided by the FED. the bulk of the memo focusses on the approval of “years of experience” as a minimum requirement for licensure. These updates apply to Fire Alarm Qualifier, Fire alarm (non-Required) Qualifier, Fire Alarm (Owner) Qualifier, Fire Sprinkler Qualifier, and Security Qualifier. Be sure to review the entire memorandum so that you are up to date on all changes.

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