Chapter of ESA & Affliate Members of ALOA

Chapter of ESA & Affliate Member of ALOA


What is ESA?
Established in 1948, the Electronic Security Association (ESA), a non-profit 501(c) 6 trade association, has evolved into the largest professional trade association in the United States with the purpose of representing, promoting and enhancing the growth and professional development of the electronic life safety, security, and integrated systems industry. In cooperation with a federation of state associations, ESA provides government advocacy and delivers timely information, professional development tools, products and services that members use to grow and prosper their businesses.

A positive advocate for the electronic life safety, security, and integrated systems industry, ESA works at all levels to increase awareness about the value of the products and services members provide. The association supports new technology and applications with customized and relevant training and proactively promotes the industry through consumer awareness activities supported by trade and media relations programs. ESA also supports legislation and regulations that enhance public safety.

Guided by strong leadership and a commitment to the advancement of technology and professionalism, ESA is on a strong foundation that includes financial stability and recognition as the only professional trade association that works to address issues important to the well-being of the industry.

Who are its members?
Member companies specialize in a wide spectrum of services to commercial and residential consumers. ESA brings together key individuals from top companies representing five industry components - sales, manufacturing, installation, service, and monitoring. This collective approach allows ESA to represent the industry as a whole, while focusing on the varying needs of these individual market sectors.

ESA’s member companies, which represent more than 70 percent of the market for intrusion and fire/life safety systems, access control, video surveillance and monitoring, are a vital component of public safety. Together they employ more than 500,000 industry professionals, and service millions of residential and commercial accounts. More than 2,600 electronic life safety, security, and systems businesses are members of ESA.

The diversity of membership includes companies that specialize in single product segments as well as system integrators who provide comprehensive products and services to their customers. The nature of the business demands professional and personalized service.



What Does a Professional Locksmith/Security Professional Do?

A professional trained locksmith/security professional may do some or all of the following: install locks, deadbolts and other mechanical or electronic locking devices to safeguard homes, businesses, vehicles and other property. Locksmiths also may modify or repair such devices, rekey locks, make duplicate keys or cards, generate or program new keys/cards for locks whose keys/cards have been lost and respond to emergency calls to unlock vehicles, homes and businesses that have been locked accidentally, or whose locks have malfunctioned.

Some locksmiths install and service electronic alarm and surveillance systems. Many locksmiths specify, design, provide, install and service a wide range of electronic access control systems and closed circuit television (CCTV) systems. Because of the integration of electronic security systems with computers and networks, some locksmiths maintain security hardware and software for computer systems.

When new or replacement locks are required, a locksmith assists the customer in determining the correct types of locks needed based on the security risk/exposure, life safety application and frequency of use. The locksmith installs locks and security devices using manufacturer's templates and/or industry specifications, by cutting or drilling the proper opening in the selected location with small hand and power tools.


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